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john williams event

freight house is, and always has been, a huge proponent of the arts. we proudly showcase art from local, regional, and national artists on our walls, and we love supporting the many, many creative endeavors paducah undertakes every year.

this includes our across-the-street neighbors, the paducah symphony orchestra. we are happy to welcome locals and travelers for a little pre-show meal or post-show drinks throughout the season. but sometimes, we like to kick it up a notch.

which is exactly what we did this past february when the paducah symphony announced they would be doing their “an evening of john williams and friends” event. we partnered up with the PSO to make an event out of the show, and encourage our customers and concert goers to dress up for the occasion.

it’s very easy to be a fan of williams’ work, as he’s had a hand in so many great and classic films throughout his career. from jaws to harry potter, e.t., star wars, and so many more, it was an awesome opportunity to see what people would come up with. to up the ante, we decided to give away a special dinner at the chef’s table to whomever we deemed the winner.

in the spirit of participation, we “encouraged” the freight house staff to dress up as their favorite characters as well while we filled the restaurant with the soundtracks of our lives. as you can see, they, as well as our patrons, did not disappoint.

while the selection process proved to be difficult (seriously, we had some great participants), there was one customer in particular who stood out, and up, to earn the top prize for the evening. we enlisted the help of the maestro himself to help us choose the winner after the performance, and, in the end, we unanimously selected rebecca williams and her incredible chewbacca costume.

all in all, the event was incredible. we love the paducah symphony and all of the grace and class they bring to the community by having a wide variety of events that everyone can get excited about. the level of camaraderie we experienced is both cool and inspiring, as supporting the arts in our community is just as important as supporting our local farmers and businesses. we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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