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what’s for supper

the following is a sample of the dishes you will find at freight house. our dinner menu changes with the season and is based on what is currently available from our farmers & partners. our rapidly rotating menu is crafted from highly seasonal, local ingredients, all sourced within a day’s drive. our dedication to agricultural sustainability means the dishes we prepare are created fresh, daily. menu items are subject to change depending on availability. to ensure you have a seat at the dinner table, we recommend you make reservations first.

we believe that the dinner table is a place to share. we want to promote a sharing culture here at freight house that extends beyond conversation. while the menu may be categorized, every dish is meant to be shared with the table. so the next time you dine with us, think more in terms of what you’d like to try instead of what you’re going to get. after all, you miss 100% of the flavors you don’t try.

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dine in & to-go


*some items may not be available for to-go*
*many dishes can be modified to accommodate common food allergies. we encourage you to engage your server so we may prepare your dish accordingly. 

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