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galentine’s day at freight house

if you know freight house, you know we love a good themed event. whether it’s an occasion or non-occasion, we don’t care. we just dig celebrating. for our most recent event fitting this bill, it’s a little bit of both.

galentine’s day isn’t officially a real thing. well, depends on who you ask. it is, however, a brilliant concept conceived by brilliant people who wrote a brilliant show. contrary to VERY popular belief, hallmark alone does not validate a holiday’s legitimacy. which is why a plethora of honorary pawneeans annually acknowledge this fictitious holiday across the land, including us, your friendly neighborhood freight house.

as a female owned and operated business, we are proud to be loud in boasting this fact. so now you know why it makes total sense for freight house to host a galentine’s day celebration. we have lots of leading ladies in our region, and plenty of reasons to celebrate us all.

and that’s exactly what we did. we opened up shop on a monday for a very special event to, as leslie knope herself explains, “come and kick it, breakfast-style. ladies celebrating ladies. it’s like lilith fair, minus the angst. plus frittatas.”

featuring a menu filled with breakfast-themed plates, bowls of compliments, gift bags, and a restaurant packed with powerful women, it was an incredible inauguration of what just might be a new freight house tradition.

we knew there were parks and rec fans out there, and we hoped we’d get a good response, but we underestimated just how much you guys love waffles. the two seatings sold out just days after the announcement, leaving us to consider if we should change our name to jj’s diner and go all-in on the waffles.

jokes aside, it’s humbling to see such a strong showing from the community in doing an event like this. while the holiday might technically be fictitious, the sentiment is serious. ladies celebrating ladies should be an everyday activity. as should waffles. just make sure those delicious chicken vessels are homemade and not too soft!

check out some of the pics from the event. then, make a mental note to remember when we say to take action, pick up that phone and secure your spot or be prepared for yet another disappointment.