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  • the out-of-towner

    unique bourbon flavors from outside the bluegrass state

    rattle & snap (KY), mckenzie (NY), redwood empire rye (CA)

    * add on red line toasted barrel 14

  • on your mark

    selections from kentucky's renowned red-wax master, maker's mark distillery

    maker's wood finish 2021 FAE-01, maker's wood finish 2022 BRT-01, maker's cask strength

    * add on the community batch, lee initiative 26

  • rollin' on the river

    aged on the mississippi river in a first-of-its-kind floating rickhouse

    o.h. ingram river aged straight whiskey, o.h. ingram river aged straight rye whiskey, o.h. ingram river aged straight bourbon whiskey

  • cheers to something new

    new flavors for a new season

    2x0: the phoenix blend, saint cloud 7 year kentucky straight bourbon, cinder and smoke oloroso cask

    * add on blue run bourbon 26

  • to the woodshed

    master's collection picks from kentucky's historic woodford reserve

    master's collection 2019, master's collection 2020, master's collection 2023

    * add on master's collection chocolate malted rye 20

  • willett or won't it

    high-end selections from kentucky's renowned bardstown distillery

    willett 7-year rye, willett 8-year wheated bourbon, willett 9-year single barrel

    * add on 4-year 80th anniversary 23


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