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  • uncommon commonwealth

    from barton 1792, the oldest fully-operating distillery in bardstown

    1792 single barrel, 1792 rye, 1792 full proof

    * add on 1792 225th anniversary 9

  • the man, the myth, the legend

    bourbons by jim rutledge, master distiller of more than 40 years

    four roses single barrel, cream of kentucky, high plains rye

    * add on blue run 26

  • ryes and shine

    selections of our favorite rye whiskeys from either side of the mississippi

    peerless rye, high west rendezvous rye, o.h. ingram rye

    * add on kentucky owl 11-year rye 21

  • stagg party

    from the george t. stagg antique collection, aged at least 15 years

    stagg 2018, stagg 2019, stagg 2020

    * add on stagg 2017 39

  • well, we're movin' on up

    these tiny-batch, extremely limited edition jefferson's bourbons are non-chill filtered

    (1) new 60-gallon american oak, (2) lightly charred & infused with toasted oak staves, (3) moderately charred & infused with heavily charred oak cubes, (4) original bourbon barrel with toasted oak inserts, (5) custom 60-gallon french-american hybrid oak barrel

    five pours, all 92 proof


– available for a limited time –

  • butch, please

    knob creek single barrel named for chef sara's father, hand-picked by the freight house and barrel & bond, 750 ml, 10-year, 120-proof

    * gold wax-dipped edition, 110


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