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food is meant to be enjoyed in-season

at freight house, our mission is to provide the local community with delicious dinners, drinks and desserts with ingredients from our own backyards. we partner with farmers throughout our region, all within a day’s drive, to offer you the most exclusive farm-to-table dining experience in western kentucky.

food is meant to be enjoyed in-season. and quite frankly, it just tastes better that way. our dedication to bringing you fresh, local fare is the centerpoint of our operation. we are surrounded by responsible, local farmers who’ve made it their life’s work to cultivate the best product possible, and we aim to bring awareness to their efforts in the hope that others within our community will be inspired to support them too.

food is more than just eating

we believe in agricultural sustainability. by sourcing all of our meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables from our local partners, we are able to give back to the agricultural community that relies on community support to keep the tractors running. we believe that eating is an ethical act. it is more than just food. it’s people you know, jobs, community, livelihoods, and very literally, blood, sweat and tears.

we do our best to strive for minimal waste by reusing and repurposing everywhere we can. before we toss it away, we first see what else we can do with it. whether that is using our outdated menus as recipe cards, cooking with rice bran oil in lieu of olive, or our signature kentucky blue snapper plate, our goal is sustainability through creativity.

chef sara bradley and the entire staff at freight house are deeply rooted in our community. we love and cherish this little corner of the world, and we take pride in these drinks and dishes inspired by it. join us for dinner, if you please.

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the team

chef sara bradley

chef sara bradley

chef bradley was born and raised here in western kentucky. she grew up loving all the delicacies our region has to offer… the smooth apple butter her grandmother prepared every fall after the apples were plucked. the sweet strawberry pie her mother/kitchen mother/dessert-ress would make from scratch every spring. she learned early on the flavor difference in fresh over frozen.

chef bradley developed her skillset under the tutelage of michelin star chefs john fraser (dovetail, new york), david posey and paul kahan (blackbird, chicago). after careful consideration, chef bradley opted to open freight house to focus on and encourage agricultural sustainability here in her home town of paducah.

chef bradley is also involved in many charitable and philanthropic endeavors within the community, including being a founding member of cartel, a western kentucky style pit bbq team that raises capital funds for the restoration of historic buildings and numerous other nonprofits throughout the region.

bev bradley

bev “bebe” bradley

bebe bradley, sara’s mother, has adopted the freight house kitchen under her care. serving as the official “kitchen mom,” she spends her mornings knuckle deep in dough, preparing the delectable desserts featured daily.

recently retired after 23 years as a social worker, bebe now spends her days working alongside her daughter while making some of the best fresh-ingredient desserts western kentuckians have ever laid fork to.

chef bradley gives bebe credit for sparking her interest in the culinary arts at an early age and encouraging her to undertake this lofty endeavor by agreeing to work alongside her.


donnie mcneil

donnie has been working in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years. starting as a host, busboy and server early in his career, it didn’t take him long to work his way up the ranks, learning a valuable skill set along the way.

he has been at freight house since day one, where he started as a bartender. in typical fashion, he quickly proved to be far more valuable than just a mixologist. now, as the general manager, donnie handles expediting duties, as well as overseeing all front of house activities.

his leadership is essential to the everyday function at freight house, and is only surpassed by his skills on the sax (although admittedly rusty).