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at freight house, it is our great pleasure to feed you and yours when you visit. seeing lively conversation and laughter in our dining room from patrons sharing our dishes and drinks truly solidifies what we are all about.

we also want to be a part of that joy, even when you’re not dining with us. for that reason, we decided to put out some of our favorite (and fairly manageable) recipes for you to try out during your next family meal, or any occasion for that matter.

if you end up snapping some pics for your preferred social media platform, be sure to add the hashtag #freighthousefamilymeal so we can follow along and see how y’all roll.

freight house thunder and lightning

freight house thunder and lightning

when I was growing up, thunder & lightning was a staple at our dinner table throughout the spring and summer months..

freight house poppy seed biscuits

poppy seed biscuits

this biscuit recipe comes from a church cookbook that belonged to my father’s mother. we called her gimper and she was famous for..

freight house beer cheese

freight house beer cheese

beer cheese has been a kentucky go-to for generations. open any kentucky church cookbook, and you’re sure to find..

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