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– orders can be placed starting NOV 23rd–

– orders must be received before 12pm the day of  –

– please note pickup/delivery times –

–  friday NOV 27th –

– $35 / person –

– 4-7:30pm –

  • hearts of romaine

    cirtus, radish, salted nuts, fennel dressing

  • braised pork shoulder

    slow cooked field peas

    roasted winter veggies, pepper jelly glaze

  • cranberry apple crumble

    brown sugar whoop

–  saturday NOV 28th –

– $35 / person –

– 1-7:30pm –

  • winter wedge salad

    heirloom carrots, bleu cheese, pickled pecans, henry bain vinaigrette

  • chicken and mushroom pot pie

    classic gravy, puff pastry topping

  • bacon fat brownie

    cocoa & cream cheese mousse, banana brittle

– also available each day –

  • spicy beer cheese

    crackers, crudité

  • deviled eggs

    classic picnic style

  • pickled cauliflower

    bread & butter style

  • poppy seed biscuits

    2 huge biscuits

    salted sorghum butter

  • bacon fat cornbread

    2 big boy slices

    salted sorghum butter


sara bradley: chef/proprietor

*A NOTE: we hope you enjoy the food as much as we have enjoyed making it. all of our food is made from scratch daily. we do apologize if we run out of any items. also, consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness. 

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